IRMATO’s activities in the Sweeper project stopped on January, 31st 2018.

The tasks of IRMATO were redistributed among the remaining project partners and a new partner B&A Automation - BOGAERTS (BE) joined the consortium in July 2017.


IRMATO is a multidisciplinary engineering and consultancy company for machinery- and professional equipment. IRMATO offers the one-stop-shopping principle. In this concept, IRMATO supports its customers in the total product life cycle, from research to development & engineering, project management, supply chain management and assembly/realization.

We develop, build and maintain systems for automating manufacturing and handling operations, primarily in the Food and Agro industries. We develop goal oriented answers to specific questions that arise in the above mentioned markets. We offer clients integrated total solutions including project management, engineering, realization, maintenance and service. We are specialized in automated oriented handling: picking up, moving and accurately positioning a wide variety of products and parts. To do this we employ a variety of technologies including robotics, computer vision technology, transportation, product handling, feeding and tray handling.

Major activities in SWEEPER

IRMATO’s role in the SWEEPER project is focused mainly on transforming specifically designed subsystems into practical, useful harvesting equipment. IRMATO is the leader of the important workpackage WP2 on Hardware Systems Integration. IRMATO staff will be involved during the design stage to discuss all subsystems needed for harvesting sweet peppers and IRMATO staff will be involved in testing the equipment. IRMATO will integrate these subsystems in a professional sweet pepper harvester and will be responsible for commercialization of the final harvester: marketing, sales, manufacturing and after sales service.

Key staff


Erik Wekking



Richard Overkamp



Tim Nouwens