WP2 is responsible for designing and creating SWEEPER’s hardware modules and the integration thereof. The aim is to adjust and apply straightforward, proven robotics hardware to ensure a short time to market. The main modules are i) an automated platform, ii) robotic x-y-z servo manipulator, iii) sensors, iv)  an end-effector, and v) post-harvest logistics. From the FP7 project CROPS, modules can be taken as a starting point.

The robot will be developed in two main stages. In the first stage, a basic running setup is realized (M12). In the second stage, advanced sensing, post-harvest logistics and a mobile platform are added (M18). Thereafter the system is iteratively improved until market readiness is reached.

Workpackage leader

Irmato Industrial Solutions Veghel B.V. – IRMATO (NL)