From experience we know that robotic harvesting can encounter many problems in practical situations especially in summertime. Therefore a growing strategy will be developed to improve the visibility of the fruits and the accessibility of the fruit in the crop.

The objectives of this WP are to:
1. Determine the effects of different cropping strategies on the suitability for robotic harvesting (crop openness, length of internodes, leaf surface, length fruit stems…)
  a. Selection of the most appropriate varieties
  b. Effect of cultivation technique
  c. Enhancing crop openness and length of internodes by means of climate control 
  d. Altering plant morphology by means of LED lighting
2. Determine the influence of harvesting method on sensitivity for plant diseases and fruit quality.
3. Determine the influence on the yield of all test objects.
4. Evaluation of the test results with the other partners

Workpackage leader

Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt – PSKW (BE)